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little-known features: apt-get

Juli 11, 2016

I want to write some texts about little known features of Linux in general and openSUSE in particular.

One little-known feature of zypper is that you can use apt-get or aptitude on openSUSE as well. This is nice when you just want to run scripts or copy-paste from how-tos written for Debian/Ubuntu or have to administer systems with different distributions like me, but dont want to spend time thinking about which command to call.
On openSUSE, aptitude is a small script translating the parameters into a zypper call, even mapping some package names to the openSUSE-versions. But the mappings are neither complete nor well-maintained, so your mileage will vary.

extra mappings can be added in /etc/zypp/apt-packagemap.d/ and if they are useful for everyone, you can also send a pull-request to the openSUSE/zypper repo on github.